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The purpose of our "Global Initiative" is developing a community which improves the quality of life for all peers with accessibility needs. When all members of our community have equal access and enjoyment, everyone benefits.

Founder, Matthew Malcham
Our community is based on Promoting, Educating, Advocating, and Enforcing accessibility. As a community, we promote accessibility, educate individuals with accessibility needs and the companies who provide goods and services to them. We advocate for those who cannot for themselves, and promote the enforcement of rights for all people who share accessibility needs. Every member of the Global community can become a powerful and positive voice for accessibility and a force to create change. Each and every time a member promotes, educates, advocates, and enforces accessibility, they strengthen and move the entire community forward. The power of our community comes from single voices that become a roar, single acts, magnified, that can cause major organizations to change. Your motivation will catalyze thousands more to join our cause!
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Our initiative provides the voice for those who need accessibility to governments, organizations, and companies.

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Our initiative educates those who need accessibility and improves their quality of life. We educate organizations and companies on what accessibility is and how to provide accessibility to people who need their valuable services and products but are blocked.

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Our initiative promotes accessibility for all those who need accessibility and do not know their rights. Our initiative promotes the importance of accessibility to all companies and organizations who provide goods and services to those who need accessibility. We provide a forum for the community to promote the organizations and companies who provide accessible products and services.

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With the help of our dedicated community, we will work with others to ensure organizations and companies are providing accessibility to those who need it.