Matthew Malcham


Matthew grew up in Western Washington very active in soccer, scouting, board sports and creative art projects. He was working in the photography industry when a traumatic accident nearly took his life in 2007. After losing his left arm and three fingers on the right hand he continued to forge ahead and pursue commercial photography at Seattle Central Creative Academy, a nationally recognized and ranked program of professionals. He knew there was still a great life ahead, full of potential, and was not going to let a physical setback prevent him from achieving his dreams. Shortly after graduating he left working as a photographer at the Space Needle to pursue a media career with Nordstrom at their web-division photography studio. Now he serves the company and their loyal customers as part of their elite Imaging team in the Marketing department.

A physical situation has never been a determining factor in the course of Matthew’s life, and he believes no matter someone's situation, every human of the 21st century holds indistinguishable value and should be afforded equal access to opportunities and services. He pursued his goals and continues to succeed not only in everyday living with a positive attitude, but also in spreading positivity and now shifting focus to helping others be their best selves. His motto has always been, "If you can dream it, it can be done." A decade has passed being involved with the amputee community and Matthew realized his true passion was more grounded in connecting with others, helping all people, and creating positive change in the World

In July 2017 The Global Initiative for Accessibility was born.

The Initiative is dedicated to all people with accessibility needs, whether they are physical, audible, or vision related.

Join The Global Initiative and Matthew, let your voice be heard, partner with them to help spread positive change and make an impact in millions of people's lives for generations to come. Become an advocate; educate, advocate, inform and enforce change to make our society a better place for people with accessibility needs forever. We are stronger together.

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